Thompson Bath Repel

Thompson Bath Repel



The All New Thompson Bath, Shower & Bath Multi Surface Cleaner with Repel.

Effectively cleans streak free and protects shower glass & other bathroom surfaces with a protective barrier to make cleaning easier and keep surfaces looking new. 

The Multi Surface Cleaner is free of any harsh chemicals, ammonia or bleach, and cleans a variety of surfaces such as shower glass, mirrors, tile, sinks, acrylics, onyx, quartz, and synthetic & natural stone.

It removes soap scum and minerals deposits while applying a protective barrier with each cleaning. The protective barrier prevents future mineral deposits, soap scum, and soil from sticking to the surface. The more you use Thompson Bath Shower & Bath Cleaner, the easier cleaning gets. 

It improves the overall appearance of bathroom & kitchen surfaces and can be used on a daily to weekly basis.  It especially helps prevent hard water on shower glass with a durable water beading performance.