About Us

A lot goes into Invisible Shield® Household and Bathroom Products. It’s safe, easy and convenient with  Invisible Shield & Repel barrier coating technology. The Clean-X Family has been a leader in advanced surface care technology for over 50 years. Beginning with  our first invention of The Original RAIN-X®, “For Improved Visibility & Driving Safety.” Invisible Shield Products were developed to clean & protect commercial and household surfaces with a durable protective barrier that shields against water, soil and stains for a cleaner surface and extended life.  Today, professionals, consumers and moms alike know, by using Invisible Shield, they can eliminate scrubbing and the need to use harsh chemicals while cutting cleaning time in half.  We continue to pioneer surface protection and innovative cleaning & shielding products to make cleaning easier and keep surfaces “Like New”.

Biodegradable - No Harsh Chemicals

UNELKO’s products are patented, user-friendly, environmentally compliant technologies that are free of harsh chemicals