About Us

A lot goes into Invisible Shield® Household and Bathroom Products.  It’s safe, easy and convenient with Invisible Shield barrier coating technology.

The Clean-X Family has been a leader in advanced surface care technology for over 40 years. Beginning with our first invention of The Original RAIN-X®, we remain pioneers of surface protection products. Invisible Shield Products are value-added, solution products that contribute to a greener world. By transforming ordinary surfaces into preserved, water, soil and stain repellent surfaces, they are less prone to scratches, significantly easier to care for and you eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives.  By protecting the surface, you are protecting your investment. Now, you can keep your shower glass, acrylic, tile, granite, stainless steel and fixtures bright & beautiful indefinitely. 

Biodegradable - No Harsh ChemicalsUNELKO’s products are patented, user-friendly, environmentally compliant technologies that are free of harsh chemicals