I have used Unelko Sani-Shield janitorial products for several years and absolutely love them. They have no harsh chemical smells and I don't ever want to run out of these products. I have been in the Healthcare industry for 17 years and these products are by far the most superior on the market for cleaning an environment that has to have the highest cleaning standards for patient care. I started using these products for several of our clinics about 10 years ago and won't use any other products for cleaning. I even use them in my personal home you won't be disappointed.


I have used Clean-X products for 10 years and think they are superb. We live in the country and our well water is extremely hard. Even with a softening system in place, the water would leave mineral deposits on glass, chrome and counter tops if not dried immediately. We use a squeegee on the glass shower doors but with kids and a busy life, it is not always used. Clean-X Invisible Shield Water Spot and Stain Remover restores the glass and chrome to a spotless finish without scratching the surface. The Invisible Shield products are great. They clean, polish and help repel future spots and soil. Thank you Clean-X!


My mother was the one who introduced me to Eliminate Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner many years ago. She used to give me her testimonial in regards to its effectiveness and so I began using it. I am now a General Contractor who does many bathroom remodels each year. On our final day of each job I leave a bottle of Eliminate with them and explain the ease of use. I now buy it by the case and many of those past clients ask for refills. Don't change a thing, it works great! We like the grout cleaner/sealer too.


Several years ago we replaced our bathroom vanities. The manufacturer suggested Unelko. At first I was irritated because the tub and tile cleaner could only by ordered through the internet. Once I received I never cared again that I had to order through the internet because the product was so superior to anything else I had ever used. 

I now use Repel for my windows. The last time I cleaned my windows I took a picture inside looking out and sent to my sister-in-law who asked me what I used to clean my windows. What she was using only left streaks. My answer was, a squeegee and Repel are all you need. She was so impressed. Literally you could not tell you were looking through a window.


Repel Glass and Surface Cleaner: I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this product is! We completely remodeled our bathroom with a walk-in shower (floor to ceiling glass doors). I treated the doors with the Invisible Shield Protective Coating (another fantastic product) first and then every week I clean them with Repel. The water just beads off when we shower and after squeegeeing they sparkle like new. No water stains can be seen and that is a miracle as our Arizona water is very hard. I am also using Repel on the porcelain bath sink and counter as well as the fixtures. They have never looked so good or have stayed so clean in between cleanings. Thank you for wonderful products that works great!


I recently received your Invisible Shield Water Spot and Stain Remover  product for glass for my black glass table top. I used this product to remove water stains that had accidentally happened years ago. They are completely gone!!! I am so thrilled! I have tried other products and home remedies and the stains did not budge. They were right in the middle of a 9 ft dining table and were very unsightly. Thank you for a product that works! I am wowed!


We were turned onto your products by Palo Verde Glass who installed our huge shower doors in the bathroom & we swear by it. I just had a knee replacement and before I went to get my knee done I cleaned everything that I could with the Invisible Shield & Eliminate Grout Cleaner & Sealer, so my wife wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning until I could move around again. It has been the best thing we have discovered, so please don’t stop making it! We installed our shower doors in 2005 and they still look brand new! I use Invisible Shield every couple of months to clean & protect my glass, grout & tile walls…Your products make life easy, so thanks for that!

Dr. Sparks

I applied Invisible Shield to the new glass shower enclosure instead of paying the several hundred extra dollars for the factory product. This product reminds me of the Original Rain-X I used to apply to my truck windshield years ago and applies about the same. No water spots and the water just beads up and sheets off. Great product.


I have just finished using your products and I must say that I am very impressed at how well they cleaned!  The smell is so light and refreshing, not like the harshness of so many others.  I will definitely be a long term customer!

Roger and Linda

A huge thanks to the Unelko Team for offering products that make cleaning and shinning our home a joy. My wife loves your Clean-X products for keeping her farm sink and granite counter-tops sparkling and beautiful. We are huge fans.