Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner- 3.38fl. oz - Case of 44



Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner utilizes invisible, barrier coating technology with each cleaning. You will never use an old-fashioned glass cleaner again.  This package is essential for the professional installer who is looking to offer their customer a great way to maintain their glass.

 Streak-free guaranteed

  • One product cleans & beautifies all surfaces leaving them cleaner, longer
  • First dual-action glass cleaner to clean & protect in one step to reduce buildup of hard water spots, oil, grime, smudges, fingerprints, soap scum & hard minerals
  • Repel® protected surfaces reduce the need to ever use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Multifunctional product cleans and protects glass, stainless steel, stone, cultured or lacquered marble & granite, porcelain, acrylic, chrome, vinyl and more
  • Perfect for windows, shower doors, mirrors, tables, sinks, tubs, tile, toilet, urinals, counters, appliances and more
  • The more you use Repel, the easier cleaning gets as invisible barrier replenishes with each cleaning.
  • Includes 44, smaller 3.38 fl oz bottles.  (Email to request brochures)