12-PACK Invisible Shield® Glass & Surface Coating - 16oz #35222


  • Ready To Use- nano scale, hydrophobic glass & surface coating that seals, polishes & protects all glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces.
  • Protects glass and glass-like surfaces with a lasting protective, water, soil and stain repellent barrier.
  • Prevents hard water minerals, buildup and contaminates.
  • One application can last years depending upon use, application and exposure to the environment. 
  • Solvent based, storage stable & free of harsh chemicals.
  • For use on shower glass, wall tile, mirrors, windshields, and solar panels.
  • Cleaning Tip: Glass treated with Invisible Shield should be cared for with REPEL Glass & Surface Cleaner.

*A 16 oz bottle will cover 500+ square feet of glass or ceramic surface