Invisible Shield® Glass & Surface Cleaner - 32 oz - 2 Pack (#57551-0 x2)


  • Includes three 32 oz Invisible Shield Glass & Surface Cleaner bottles.
  • Cleans to a streak-free shine with a dual-action formula that repels water, soil, grime, and fingerprints with proven technology.
  • Keeps glass & other hard surfaces “looking new” and shiny. Perfect for windows, shower glass, mirrors, wall tile, bath surrounds, acrylic, even chrome fixtures (safe on all hard surfaces).
  • By resisting water, soil and stains with each protective cleaning, you help prevent a variety of microorganisms in between cleanings. Utilizes a special, Unelko patented organosilane barrier coating to make surfaces antimicrobial.


Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Dual-action-patented-formula that cleans and simultaneously polishes:

  • Windows
  • Shower glass
  • Mirrors
  • Wall tile
  • Bath surrounds
  • Acrylic
  • Even chrome fixtures


Repels Water and Stains

Protecting your surface from soil and stains makes cleaning easier and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives that can damage the surface. By protecting the surface, you are protecting your investment – whether it be your granite counter top, glass shower enclosure or the beautiful fixtures it took so long to pick out. A clean and protected surface that repels water, soil and stains keeps your home looking bright and beautiful. It extends the life of the surface by protecting it from dulling, soiling, staining, scratching and pitting and keeps your surfaces looking like new.