The True Power of an All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

It seems as though there’s a different cleaning solution for every area in your home. From kitchen counter cleaners to window solutions, bathroom tile sprays to wood and varnish polishers, there’s really no end to your options for surface cleaner — but is having all of these different cleaning solutions really worth it?

The answer is no: not when you’re making use of a heavy-duty, powerful all purpose surface cleaner like Invisible Shield® Multi-Surface Cleaner w/ Hydrogen Peroxide!

What makes this product a better (single) choice for your whole-home cleaning needs than all of these other individual cleaners combined? Take a look at some of its tremendous benefits:

  • It cleans using hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient, meaning that virtually any surface or material can be cleaned without damaging effects. While some other cleaners might use bleach, which can stain fabrics and harm surfaces, Invisible Shield Multi Surface Care does away with this caustic ingredients to rely only on the superior stain fighting and blemish removing power of hydrogen peroxide. It’s safe and effective for just about any surface in your home.
  • When sprayed on and wiped off, Invisible Shield Multi Surface Care leaves behind no residues or films, which can be the bane of any homeowner seeking to truly leave their home looking spotless. With other cleaners, you might find yourself cleaning and re-cleaning the same areas over and over again because the cleaning solution you’re using leaves behind more of a residue each and every time you use it!
  • Along with providing a clean and spotless surface, free of residues, it also works to repel any dirt, dust, grime or other substances that may seek to dirty up your surface again. The barrier that this surface cleaner provides is powerful enough to last for days, without being noticeable on whatever surface you’re treating.
  • It’s a whole-home solution! From the tile in your bathroom to the granite in your kitchen to the metal and wood furniture throughout your home, there’s truly no surface that Invisible Shield Multi Surface Care can’t clean and protect!

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