Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner w/ enhanced shine & repellent - 32 oz - 2 Pack #77733


  • This package includes two 32 oz bottles of REPEL Glass & Surface Cleaner.
  • The cleaner provides a streak-free shine, utilizing a dual-action formula that repels water, soil, grime, and fingerprints using advanced nanotechnology.
  • It is enhanced with new microemulsion technology for surface cleaning and shielding, ensuring no streaks and delivering superior water-beading and gloss. It maintains the pristine appearance of glass and other hard surfaces, keeping them shiny and well-preserved.
  • Ideal for windows, shower glass, mirrors, wall tiles, bath surrounds, acrylic, and chrome fixtures, it is safe for all hard surfaces. It effectively prevents hard water spots, soap scum, and body oils from adhering to surfaces, making them difficult to remove. This cleaner simplifies your cleaning routine.
  • For optimal results, pair it with the Invisible Shield Glass & Shower Coating/Repellent to achieve a more pronounced hydrophobic effect on glass surfaces. Together, they prevent the need for future scrubbing.