Odorless and Spotless Made Easy – Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Posted by Heather Lyons on

Is your bathroom in need of rescuing because the walls and curtain liners are covered in black stains, and there’s a musty smell and mildew on towels and other fabric components? Perhaps it’s time to call the pros and let them a have a go at restoring your bathroom’s pristine appearance – that’s the quickest and easiest way to get rid of the problem.

But if you’re just dealing with a few spots and stubborn streaks here and there, you can easily take care of all those. Here are some bathroom cleaning tips which are proven effective in getting rid of stains and odors.

  • Mix a cup of chlorine bleach and one gallon of warm water. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, dip a brush in the solution and then scrub those spotty areas carefully (make sure not to splash yourself or nearby fabrics). Don’t rinse right away; instead, let the solution set for a few minutes. Afterwards, wash off the solution with the help of a wet cloth.
  • To clean the shower curtains (if you’re not inclined to just purchase new ones, which are actually quite cheap), wash them in hot water on the gentle cycle with detergent and chlorine bleach. Throw in a few of the towels with mildew to balance the load. Afterwards, dry on low heat for a minute or two – this will not only get rid of mildew, but also the funky odor it comes with.
  • To restore shine to stainless steel showerheads and taps, dampen a chamois or soft cotton cloth with warm to hot vinegar. Rub it over the water-stained spots, rinse, and dry immediately with a different cloth.
  • To deodorize the bathroom on a budget, just place baking soda in a small bowl. It will soak up funky scents easily and it can even double as a cleaning agent for porcelain and ceramic tiles in your bathroom.
  • For long-lasting protection against soap scum, grime, and mineral build-up from water, try applying the surface protectant, Invisible Shield®. Bathroom cleaner products like these get rid of dirt, while the surface coating creates a nano-scale barrier that seals, polishes and protects glass, porcelain, and ceramics so they stay spotless for a really long time. This product can be used on glass shower door and enclosures, sinks and tubs, ceramic walls and counters. It’s important to mention that it also repels water, soil and stains.

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