Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaners: Why Using Water Repellents Is the Best Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Posted by Heather Lyons on

The bathroom is not the easiest of rooms to clean. In fact, anyone in your family might even try to get out of cleaning duties when it’s the bathroom. But the bottom line is that this room has to stay spotless, at all times. You do not want the space you bathe and wash up in to breed dirt, grime, and bacteria.

There is a better way of cleaning your bathroom, though, without constantly brushing it and wiping it down it down with different products. You can actually get more mileage out of your multi-purpose bathroom cleaners when you use water repellents.

Why should you use water repellents to clean your bathroom?

For starters, a surface treated with water repellents dries fast because the water just rolls off instead of lingers. When water lingers on bathroom sinks, shower stalls, and tubs, mildew happens, and with it, unsightly stains. Water repellents help your bathroom stop moisture in its tracks.

When moisture is allowed to thrive in your bathroom, and even though this space is meant to get wet, you will make it easier for mold and bacteria to grow. Both will have an impact on your health; gastrointestinal viruses, residual fungi, and staph bacteria will wreak havoc on anyone using a bathroom “hosting” these beasts.

Apart from keeping your bathroom dry as fast as possible, water-repellent products also keep the soap scum from building up. The name itself is already unpleasant, more so when it builds up in your shower doors and walls. Your bathroom doors and walls will be streak-free and you will spend less time scrubbing when you use water-repellent products.

Water repellents add a substantial protective layer on your bathroom sink, shower door and walls, and the tub. It is this kind of protective layer that ensures your clean looking bathroom will truly stay spotless, far longer than without it.

Using bathroom surface cleaners alone will not do the job. Adding a coat of water-repellent product will keep your bathroom looking spic and span. It will also add a layer of polish that just enhances the beauty and glory of any bathroom. Do not forget the fact that using water repellents also reduces the amount of cleanup you need to do. And any bathroom product that does that certainly should hold a place in your cleaning arsenal.

Clean. Polished. Safe. Use water repellents now and your bathroom will have all three for as long as you use them.

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